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Southern San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition

In the southern San Joaquin Valley, KRCD has taken a leadership role to address the ever increasing importance of water quality issues throughout the region and state.

In early 2002 the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board requested that a voluntary water quality monitoring program be initiated within the local watersheds as part of the State Water Resource Control Board's deliberation on agricultural discharge permitting.

In recognition that local, state and federal water quality laws and regulations could impose significant restrictions on water supplies in the southern San Joaquin Valley, water and resource agencies in this region began discussions on ways to best address the Board's request.

The Southern San Joaquin Water Quality Coalition, formed in 2002, serves the Tulare Lake Basin watershed from the San Joaquin River south to the Tehachapi Mountains.

Members of the Coalition include:

  • Kaweah and St. Johns Rivers Association
  • Kaweah-Delta Water Conservation District
  • Kern County Water Agency
  • Kings River Conservation District
  • Kings River Water Association
  • Navalencia Resource Conservation District
  • Tule River Association

The goal of the Coalition is to protect and preserve the quality of water supplies and associated water rights of the Coalition members and those they serve.

Last updated: 08-16-11